Learn While You're Dreaming!

I assume most of you heard that if we think about something right before we sleep, we keep thinking about it and we might learn it. While we are sleeping our brain keeps working, so why don't we use it? When I first heard about this, I decided to try it by working on a math problem before I sleep. When I woke up I didn't remember anything about the problem and I don't remember seeing anything about maths in my dreams. Honestly I didn't put that much work on it and I didn't even try it again.

I also assume that you heard that the best way of learning something like a dance move or any physical activity is to watch it and doing the same moves in your mind. Well, I don't have any doubts about this one. I believe that if I can put enough work on this I can do it. Of course it takes some time to do it easier like everything. You don't have to be a genius to solve a sudoku puzzle, if you do it a couple of times you'll get better, that because you search for better ways to solve it and you also do practise and that makes it an easy thing for you. It's another subject I'll write about this later, so lets get back.

I'm trying to learn a soccer trick for a couple of days now. (I don't know the name of the trick or don't know how to describe it but It's not the point anyway.) I was able to do it 1 time in 5 tries. Obviously I wasn't paying enough attention do it right. A couple days ago in my dreams I was doing that trick good enough and not just one time by luck I did it a couple of times. The next thing I remember was my alarm rang and I woke up. When I woke up I was like hypnotised and I just said : "I can do this!" and I did the trick 5 times in a row with enough quality. I didn't did the trick the way I've never done, I was just able to do it the right way and no mistakes. It was very suprising because just after I woke up I was able to do the thing that I was doing in my dream.

Since that day I'm trying to do it, I feel the improvement but I wasn't quite close to 5 out of 5. I was still trying to do it right while I was writing the previous paragraphs and finally I got it again. It's obvious that you shouldn't do it like you can do it easily you should think about what are you doing while you are doing it. So actually that was the difference between now and when I did after I woke up. After I woke up I didn't even think about it because I think I was already thinking about it in my dream so I was able to do it right after that.

This wasn't like I explained in first paragraph. I wasn't thinking about soccer before I slept but somehow I learned the trick while I was sleeping. That should be the proof of learning while you're dreaming. I didn't experience the way they were saying maybe but still it shows us that we can learn while we are sleeping.